Brace Yourself And Smile!

Dental Braces

A smile showing beautiful teeth is pleasant one. A person’s persona can be enhanced by having good clean and well structured teeth. But many people have their teeth misaligned and non healthy, making them embarrassed while being among other people. Some of the problems or defects related to teeth are: crooked teeth, overbites, open bites, under bites, cross bites, structural as well as cosmetic. All these can be corrected using dental braces. Dental braces are otherwise called as orthodontic braces. Orthodontics is a specialized branch of dentistry which deals with study as well as treatment for malocclusions. Dr. Edward Angle is the father of orthodontics.

Dental braces are used mostly in combination with some orthodontic appliances. It is for widening the jaws as well as palates, relieving temporomandibular joint pressure, shaping the jaws as well as teeth, creating spaces in-between teeth, improving facial as well as smiling aesthetics etc.

Dental Braces have three parts: brackets, band and arch wire. Brackets are attached to each tooth with a band and arch wire runs from one bracket to the next. Exertion of gentle force over a period of time straightens the teeth which have grown out or growing awkwardly.

Wide variety of dental braces is there depending on aesthetics, materials as well as cost. Initially dental braces were made from platinum, gold, steel, rubber, wood, zinc, silver, copper, ivory, brass etc. The Ceramic braces, sapphire braces, invisalign braces, self ligating braces, lingual braces, metal braces etc are some of the dental braces widely used now days. Patients can use dental braces either visible or non visible dental braces as per their concern for appearance. Futuristic dental braces may have smart brackets, which will be incorporated with microchips that will be measuring forces required to be applied to interface of tooth as well as bracket to get optimum effect.

Different Types of Braces

Children, teenagers comprise most of the orthodontic patients. But with changing times many adults are also looking for orthodontic treatment. Using dental braces during ages 3-12 will be more effective, as it can improve the profile of the face, straighten the teeth with proper alignment and will keep it stable for the rest of the life. Dental braces for every patient are unique as their teeth size and structure as well as dental problems is different for different people. Its important get orthodontic treatment from qualified dentists.

Treatment using dental braces can last from 6 months to 6 years depending age, severity of dental problem etc. Cost will be as low as 200$ to high as 5000$ in different countries. Once dental braces are fitted proper care has to be given to prevent damage as well as to prevent formation of plaque. Regular adjustments of the braces are necessary so that it doesn’t loosen up.

Dental braces are used by some people as a fashion statement; pop artists set the trend once. But in this beauty conscious world, having a well structured face is good and dental braces can help many of you to change the way you look.

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