Different Types of Braces

There are a bunch of different types of braces to help you straighten your teeth these days. It doesn’t matter what you need to fix, you’ll find a device for it.

metal braces

These different sorts of devices will include the regular braces you’ve grown accustomed too. These are made out of top quality stainless steel. These are the most popular and most affordable form of braces used today. Unfortunately the steel used for these brackets is capable of staining your teeth. This is one of the reasons people are hesitant to use them.  Newer versions of the braces have been made to be a combination of stainless steel, and nickel titanium. With these braces a small bracket gets bonded to each tooth in the patient’s mouth and joined by a wire. The brackets can be decorated with elastics and ligatures in a variety of colors.

ceramic braces

Ceramic braces are another type of popular braces. They are definitely popular among adolescents. These braces are clear and aren’t as easy to see as the ones that are made out of metal. Usually these braces are made to blend in with the natural color of a tooth’s enamel. There is quite a niche market surrounding them because they are so visually appealing. Of course, at the same time ceramic braces are far more brittle and they are more likely to break. Rather than deal with the drawback, the manufacturers simply made each bracket thicker so that, hopefully, it won’t be as easy to break them in the future.

gold bracesThere are also gold plated stainless steel braces that are used to help the people who have allergies to nickel. These braces bond well with the teeth and they don’t have the severe appearance that comes with the regular metal braces. Some people also like the look of gold better than they like the look of silver.

lingual bracesLingual braces are another option that you have to choose from. These are braces that are fitted to the backside of the teeth. These can be incredibly expensive but that is usually dealt with happily since they aren’t typically visible to other people. Unfortunately it is very hard to adjust to lingual braces and, because they get in the way of a tongue’s natural movements, they can cause speech problems as well as do damage to the tongue itself.

invisalign bracesThere is, finally, Invisalign. These braces are great for people whose orthodontic problems aren’t that complicated. These braces are almost entirely invisible (hence the name) and they aren’t easily noticed. They are employed for the gradual and effective movement of the teeth from where they are now to where is the healthiest. These also offer the wearer superior oral hygiene because it’s easy to remove them for brushing and flossing or while you eat.

The most recent development in orthodontia is something called the smart bracket. Smart brackets have microchips in them. These microchips measure how much force is needed to act on the bracket and the interface of the tooth. The main aim here is to reduce the amount of time, expense and discomfort a patient will experience while undergoing orthodontic treatment.

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