The Right Time For Braces

Most people believe that if they didn’t get braces while they were adolescents it’s too late to get them as adults. The truth, though, is that you can get braces no matter how old (or young) you are. Obviously there are some risks involved with putting them in a very young mouth or on baby teeth, because nobody can predict what will happen with the adult teeth once they have grown in. As soon as someone has had his entire set of adult teeth come in, though, he can get braces whenever he (or his parents) wants him to have them.

If you are a mother or father and you have a son or daughter that needs braces, the earlier your child gets them, the better for your child. An orthodontist will even see children as young as second or third grade because it is common for teeth to need to have at least some degree or preparatory work done before the braces can be put once the child has gotten older. If you think your son or daughter might need to have braces, make an appointment with an Orthodontist as soon as your child is old enough for the visit. More than a few people have discovered that if the work gets done early enough in life, the braces don’t have to be kept on the teeth for nearly as long.

Individuals who wait to get braces until they are adults are going to have to have the work done over a longer period of time. This is because an adult jaw is completely formed. Your teeth have stopped moving and are in what you believe to be their final spaces. As you grew up, your teeth stayed pretty loose—at least in terms of positions so that there would be room for new teeth as they grew in. After your teeth have stopped growing in, though, the roots become secure and correcting a tooth’s position gets much more difficult.

That doesn’t mean that if you are an adult you can’t get your teeth straight. A lot of people wait until they are all grown up to have work done on their teeth because their parents couldn’t afford to do the work when they were kids. A quarter of all orthodontic patients are grownups.

Basically the right time to get braces is whatever time your mouth is ready to handle them and you are able to afford to have the work performed. Yes, it’s easier to do the work when you’re a teenager since, because your jaw and your teeth are still growing, the work is much easier to do. It also gives you more time for prep work like headgear before you get the braces themselves…not to mention that you won’t have to wear the braces for nearly as long.

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