Why Do People Need Braces

There are all sorts of reasons that a person may need to have braces put on. Some of these reasons are due to extreme need. Other reasons range in the minor and mostly cosmetic range. There are also people who may not necessarily actually need braces but who will still want to wear them for a while.

If you think that you might benefit from wearing braces, you should visit a qualified Orthodontist. An Orthodontist will have you take a few X-Rays. He will give your mouth and jaws a thorough examination and will figure out what sort of orthodontic work you need—or if you actually need any at all.

Typically, people need braces for one of the following reasons.

Teeth Straightening: teeth that grow in crooked or that don’t line up properly can cause a person to have a “bad” bite which can negatively affect the way they chew or process foods. If a person’s bite doesn’t line up properly, you can get headaches. You can also get backaches.

Correcting a Bite: A lot of people have “over bites” which is a condition that sends the upper jaw out so that the teeth are too far forward. People also sometimes suffer from under bites, which is where your bottom teeth extend out beyond your upper teeth. Neither of these bites are good for your jaw. Both can cause tension and will keep you from biting down correctly and well. An over or under bite that is deep (which is when the teeth actually bite into the tissues on the other side of your jaw) can cause quite a lot of damage.

Cosmetics: There are some people who do not need braces but they end up having them put on anyway because they want their smiles to be prettier. A lot of people believe that only teeth which are completely straight are worth looking at. They believe this so strongly that they are willing to deal with years of orthodontic work and devices because they want a “perfect” smile.

These aren’t the only reasons to get braces. Some other reasons include:

1. You want to have an easier time chewing your food. If you have crooked teeth you might not be able to bite or chew your food properly and this could cause your stomach to be quite upset.

2. As you age, the roof of your mouth will change. Sometimes this causes breathing problems to develop. If you have properly straightened and aligned teeth, this reduces the risk of developing these problems by quite a lot.

If your dentist tells you that you need to see an orthodontist, take this seriously. If you don’t get the work that you need, you could develop all sorts of problems and these problems aren’t going to be limited to your teeth or jaw.

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